Criss cross handmade wraparound silver ring (R0031)

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The ring is made of a single piece of long silver wire that is chiselled on the surface in order to create unevenly applied geometrical pattern all around the outer surface of the ring, whereas the inside is plain. We have used a 2mm thick silver wire with square profile and manipulated the surface with fast, sharp strikes on different angles by using the narrow side of a small chisel tool. The wire was then wrapped 5 times, criss crossing on the front and soldered finely (the connection is hardly visible) at the back to create the final shape of the ring. It is a modern piece of jewelry, visually striking thanks to its chiselled pattern, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

We can make this ring and have it shipped in about 2-3 weeks after ordering. We usually make sizes 5-9.5; please let us know before ordering for smaller, bigger or in-between sizes. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO TELL US YOUR SIZE WHEN ORDERING.

height of the ring: 9mm
weight: approx. 6.5 g

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