How to Clean Your Earring?

Earrings should be cleaned regularly to avoid irritation and infection in the ears caused by bacteria.

Here are simple steps to clean your earrings:


  • Bowl/ basin
  • Sanitizing solution e.g. warm water with soap or detergent/ alcohol
  • Cotton balls or cotton buds
  • Bobby pin
  • Piece of cloth, towel or tissue

Step 1: Using clean hands pour sanitizing solution (either warm water with soap or alcohol) into a bowl.
Step 2: Separate locks and earrings than on the earrings. Submerge them in a sanitizing solution for 5-10 minutes.
Step 3: Wipe the earrings with cotton balls or gently brush with a toothbrush. You may use a bobby pin with a blunt end to remove the dirt out of the crevices. Avoid putting too much pressure on the gems and beads. Make sure to do the same to the locks.
Step 4: Rinse off the soap/ detergent thoroughly with clean water
Step 5: Pat dry with tissue/ clean cloth. You may use a hair dryer for a faster result. However, make sure to hold the earrings tight, so it will not slip from your hands because of the air pressure from the hairdryer.

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