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Solution: My Silver Ring Turns and Spins on My Finger

What causes the spinning of the rings? It’s crystal clear that nearly all silver rings don’t sit precisely. The main reason pertaining this is their weighty design. A good number of the rings possess large models that are mainly made up of Gemstones along with Diamonds reminiscent of Heads, Prongs alongside stones. That is why […]

How To Choose The Right Silver Ring to Suit Your Hand?

Different silver rings look perfect on different finger types. Everyone can find the most flattering ring for his or her unique finger shape and size, whether it’s long, short, wide or slender. Choosing an a silver ring that matches your finger is like picking out a dress that suits your figure. There are different dresses which fit […]

How to Choose Silver Rings for Her?

Promise rings, engagement rings, the most-awaited wedding rings, or even just some out-of-the-blue rings for your special girl, choosing the right one can be quite difficult. You would need to consider a lot of things and should be careful in choosing the design and type. It can be quite time-consuming, especially for guys who aren’t […]

How Rings are Sized?

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