White jade and silver beads necklace (N0125)

45 $

The necklace is made of white-yellowish natural jade beads, mixed with handmade patterned silver tube beads and small silver round beads. It closes with a handmade silver hook.

The silver beads are handmade by the Karen silversmiths by means of traditional tools and techniques that have been passed on from generations.
We create all our silver items in a Karen village in Northern Thailand and we use 958 silver, silver that is between 95-95% pure, that gives it its typical feel, color and shine.

We will send the necklace in handmade packaging (also made in the village by the Karen women – we usually use their traditionally woven textiles, normally the leftovers, cutouts, pieces with mistakes etc. and use them for smaller jewelry bags that we use for our packaging). We will send it with tracking number for safer shipping.

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