Asymmetrical leaves earrings (E0180)

43 $

These asymmetrical earrings were made from textured silver leaves that were cut into organic shapes resembling irregularly shaped leaves with rounded edges.
Silver is treated on the surface with embossed and etched patterns that contribute to a more “handmade” feel of the product. The shapes were also curved in a concave half-sphere mold.

The single leaf is hanging from a 3 cm silver stem, the double leaf (one shape is soldered onto another) is attached directly onto sterling silver hook.
Our logo “Stories” was stamped onto both earrings.

– single leaf earring 65mm long including the hook, size of the leaf 2 x 25mm
– double leaf earring 45mm long including the hook, size of the shape 3 x 33mm
Weight: 4.65g

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