Multi-strand wraparound necklace/bracelet (N0115)

638 $

This is a very special piece, the most unique and most versatile we made so far, a tribute to traditional Thai Karen bead-making techniques. All of the tiny beads that compose the necklace are handmade and painstakingly beaded one by one on 20 strands, each of them 140cm in length (the process is very long and only few villages in Thailand’s North still preserve the skills to make these). The two ends are gathered and fixed into two handmade silver roll-beads and each strand is closed with a small stopper bead. The long “belt” can then be wrapped or tied like a scarf, worn in front or so that the long parts hang down the back, or as a wraparound tie-bracelet. Each time it can become a different piece of jewelry.

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