Leather bracelet with textured surface beads (B0068)

67 $

This bracelet is a masculine version of a similar bracelet we have in our shop where instead of leather we used sterling silver snake-chain bracelet, with slightly smaller pair of silver rolls.


The two roll-pieces were crafted from a 1mm thick silver strip that we textured on surface with natural materials (wooden tree bark, straw, dry teak tree leaves, etc). The silver strip was thinned to roughly around 1 mm thickness by passing it into a rolling mill together with various materials that left the surface textured with beautiful, deeply embossed, natural patterns. Two pieces of silver strip were cut and then simply “rolled” (wrapped to overlap by means of round pliers) into the final shape. The two rolls are of different width (one approx. 12 mm, the other 17 mm) and have uneven (smooth to the touch) edges, so the final result has a very organic feel, that emphasises nicely the rough-looking, irregular natural surface. The dark brown leather bracelet contrasts nicely with the two heavy, handmade roll-pieces. The bracelet closes with a beautiful handmade silver hook and a 4cm long sterling silver chain that allows for the length to be adjusted.
We also have a matching necklace in our shop, in both ‘male’ and ‘female’ version, where the female version comes with a silver bracelet/necklace instead of leather.

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