Leather bracelet with 5 silver beads (B0063)

102 $

For this bracelet, we created a series of handmade silver beads, all a bit different in shape, slightly irregularly cut, textured on surface with various techniques and rolled into the final shape. They are all applied on a round-profile dark brown leather bracelet that closes with a beautiful handmade silver hook with 4 cm long sterling silver chain that allows for adjustment of the length of the bracelet.

The five silver beads were made of a 1.5 mm thick silver strip, that was hammered so that it left a beautifully embossed texture on the surface of silver.

We also have a similar necklace in our shop (Leather necklace with 5 handmade silver beads with textured surface (N0098)

Length of the bracelet: 18-21 cm (chain allows for adjustment of length)
Pendants are about 1-1.5cm wide (they all come in slightly different sizes and designs as well as surface texture patterns)

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