Infinity wrap textured silver ring (R0029)

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We crafted this ring from a silver strip that we textured on surface with natural materials (wooden tree bark, straw, dry teak tree leaves, etc). The silver strip was thinned to desired thickness (final thickness is roughly around 0.8 mm) by passing it into a rolling mill together with various materials that left the surface textured with beautiful, deeply embossed, natural patterns.
We then simply cut the strip 7mm wide, smoothed the edges and curved it until final, slightly irregular shape of this infinity ring was obtained. The invisible soldering is at the back, the inside surface is smooth and creates a nice contrast with textured outer surface. Our logo “Stories” is stamped on the inside of the ring.
Because of the manual process of texturing the metal we can never recreate 100% same surface, however we will make sure the final effect is about the same. Uniqueness of the product is what makes it special, as no two rings can be exactly the same.

This is a very elegant, sculpture-like wraparound ring, thanks to its relative light weight also comfortable to wear and a sure to attract attention! Suitable for men and women.

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