Handmade silver leaf-shape hanging earrings (E0218)

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The flower-inspired earrings are a part of our HOPE collection that explores the beauty of our environment, cherishes the values of the community of our artisans and emphasizes our heritage. They are made from 95% pure silver, that was thinned into silver sheets, cut into shapes and hammered to create the distinct organic pattern on the surface.
You can choose there earrings in plain silver finish or front gold-coating finish. We also made them as stud earring version. The hook is in 92.5 sterling silver.

Our products are hand crafted in 95-98% Silver by Thai Karen hill-tribe artisans.
With a higher silver content than sterling silver, Karen silver has a weight, bright satin color and feel, all of its own. Every piece is handmade and individual.

The product comes with our original packaging and includes tracking number for safer shipping.

weight: 7 g, size: 3×2 cm

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