Baby anklets with decorated bells (BA0001)

102 $

We used 3 mm silver wire with round profile to make these anklets. Each anklet has a hollow small bell attached that is decorated on the surface with with “Podduang” pattern, unique to Thai Karen hill-tribe people. The shape is that of traditional Asian anklets, but design is cleaner, more modern, without the usual engravings or other decorations (except for bell stamp patterns) and is therefore a refreshed interpretation this beloved and very traditional item.
The sound of the bells help track baby’s movements.

As anklets they are suitable from birth and can be used until toddlerhood. But they can simultaneously be worn as wrist bracelets, too until much later.

For centuries, parents throughout the world from different areas and cultural backgrounds have celebrated the practice of giving newborns jewelry for decorative purposes and also to protect against evil spirits. Baby anklets represent a wonderful alternative to traditional baby-shower gifts. After the child has outgrown them, they can be added to other pieces of jewelry or kept as keepsake – becoming thus pieces of heirloom jewelry that can be passed down from one child to another, starting a tradition in your family that can last for generations to come.

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