Stories of Silver: See Beauty Differently

At Stories of Silver, we aspire to emphasize the ideas of mindfulness and inner beauty that cannot be perceived with eyes only. This led to the inspiration for the creation of the ‘’Touching Beauty, Silvery Night’’ project and the ‘’Reflection’’ collection launched in 2023 by Titapa Tanskul and Lucija Perko, founders of the brand. 

To achieve the goal, Stories of Silver connected in order to collaborate with the Thailand Association of the Blind, which led to an organization of a small workshop with a group of visually impaired individuals. This resulted in developing a specific product: a silver bracelet that combines silver beads with meaningful gemstones and/or pearls. We believe that it is the visually impaired who can fully relate to, embody and represent the concepts that align with the brand’s direction. 

Stories of Silver has pledged to dedicate 19% of the profits* from the sales of every item in this particular collection to the White Cane Fund to help enable the visually impaired in their freedom to roam the world. At the same time the customers who help us by supporting the collection are rewarded with the gratifying and noble act of sharing.

Moreover, during the same period the brand also developed a very special collection called “Genesis Malai” at the occasion of International Craft Creation Concept Award competition 2023. The pieces presented for the competition have been awarded the first prize. We have decided to also dedicate the proceeds from the sales of these specific award-winning collection pieces to the White Cane Fund on a one-to-one basis.

We believe that through mutual support we can help create a sustainable model for the local community and take an active role in preserving the culture and heritage passed down from generation to generation. What is more, by doing so we also help create better opportunities and benefits for the visually impaired individuals. 

*When make a purchase directly from us, we donate 19% of the proceeds to the white cane fund under Thailand Association of the Blind.

*When purchase from our partners, 19% of the profit will be donated to the white cane fund under Thailand Association of the Blind.

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Total white cane donation
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-Donation of at least 19% of proceeds as well as one-to-one basis of sales volume to the White
Cane Fund under Thailand Association of the Blind.

-Donate directly for the purpose of supplying the white canes for the visually impaired in need.

-Use the examples of “Reflection” and “Genesis Malai” collections to incite businesses and
individuals to experience the beauty of sharing.