Cleaning silver jewelry


Silver is eventually going to change color when exposed to tarnishing elements.

It is advisable to clean silver jewelry after each use in order to keep its original luster and color. There are several methods and products that can be used and work well but are to be used with care when your silver is combined with gemstones. Certain stones are especially delicate to abrasion or chemical elements contained in silver cleaning products (in particular you should pay attention to pearls and softer quartz-based stones).

Store-bought special silver cleaning liquid solutions usually require soaking and gentle brushing of jewelry pieces (and is usually not recommended with gemstones), but by far the most popular product is the silver care cloth – a soft cloth treated with cleaning and polishing agents and tarnish inhibitors. It works well but needs to be replaced often. Also, if your jewelry comes with etched matte surface then keep in mind that cleaning it often with cleaning cloth will eventually make the surface shiny.

In addition to ready-made anti tarnish solutions and special cleaning cloth there are several home-methods that can work very well and require products you most likely already have at home.

Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil

Add boiling water and baking soda to a bowl layered with aluminum foil, dip in your jewelry and remove after a few minutes, and then rinse under water and dry. The chemical reaction will remove tarnish from the silver.

All these methods will work differently according to the level of tarnish and the mixture of silver. The purer the silver, the easier it usually is to remove the black residue. In addition, always remember to store your pieces in a closed container and regularly clean your jewelry – this protects it from discoloration. Also, remember not to swim in chlorinated pools, hot springs or clean using bleach or ammonia containing products, while wearing your silver jewelry.