Size Guide

How Rings are Sized?

No matter what the purpose of rings, the fact is that it is indeed a beautiful symbol that will always hold a special meaning or memory to the user. And when something is important to you, it needs to be the exact fit for you. This article will help you find the ring size that best fits your finger.

There are lots of ways you can try to determine your ring size. At home, you can try looking it up on ring size charts or even with ring sizers. You can also go straight to a jeweler for the most accurate measuring.

Making Use of “Mandrels”

o determine ring sizes, jewelers make use of a tool called “mandrel”. It’s a wand-like metal with measurements. You can try on several sterling silver ring set and when you already have a certain type where it fits well to the fingers, that specific ring will then be slipped onto the mandrel so the jeweler can determine the correct size.

Ways to Measure Ring Size At Home

Measuring the circumference of your finger is a very inaccurate method and we do not recommend it. It is better to measure a diameter of any ring that you have at home. However, keeping in mind that especially for the higher and thicker ring designs, you should add about a quarter/ half size.

Ring Sizer (Printable)

Ring sizers would have a number of circles and their corresponding sizes so you can simply place any of your rings over the circles, making sure the edges are also exactly aligned with the actual ring. Make sure that the chart is printed to scale.

String-Ring Sizers

This option is probably the easiest and most hassle-free. All you have to do is to print the size chart then obtain a piece of string to be wrapped around your finger, then you’ll have to cut it in the part where it overlaps. Has the string lined onto the size chart to determine its correct size?

Rings should be put on easily but difficult to have it come off, which is why a perfect ring fit is important so it won’t easily be lost. Also, keep in mind to have a little allowance since your fingers can tend to swell at some point, so it won’t be uncomfortable. Make sure you have it right before you place an order for any ring.