How to Prevent Tarnish on 92.5% Silver and Hill Tribe Silver (99% Silver) Jewelry?

Every silver jewelry tarnishes when exposed to air (oxygen) and light, but there are ways that if you follow will help your jewelry to look attractive and lustrous longer. Simply wash any piece of silver jewelry you have in warm water then rub it with a little of mild soap. Rinse off every nook and […]

How to Clean Silver Necklace with Toothpaste?

The awesomeness of sterling silver or hill tribe 98-99% pure silver necklaces fades away with time as more tarnish builds up. It starts by changing to a yellowish color first then to black. Silver jewelry tarnish happens when the copper makes part of the silver and oxygen reacts. Why should you spend lots of effort […]

Jewelry Design Trends 2018

Some jewelry trends from Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 you might be interested: Tropical Design The tropical jewelry design is in for this summer of 2018. The mix of colorful, florals, fruits or forests inspired jewelry pieces will brighten up your smile this summer. Layering Design Don’t stop having fun layering your outfit and jewelry. Try […]

Why People Belief Lapis Lazuli Bring Good Luck?

This name ‘lapis lazuli’ stands for ‘blue stone,’ but it is commonly known just as lapis. It’s derived from Latin word ‘lapis’ which means ‘stone’ and Persian lazhward which means ‘blue.’ Just in case you don’t know, lapis lazuli is a stone with beautiful celestial blue color. It also has gold flecks on the surface […]

How to select the most suitable necklace length and style for your outfit?

Necklace Style and Outfit Color: If you are wearing white, black, or neutral colors outfit, you can play with colorful necklaces or go with neutral color necklace such as silver or white on black. For the colorful outfit, you should recall the color wheel when matching outfit and necklace, primary colors and secondary colors that […]

Belief of Karen Hill Tribe Brings Good Health with Silver

If you believe in the power of the mind, then you would believe that some thoughts—if held in your mind for a very long time—would surely come true. You would also believe that, if a certain belief is held by many people, then this belief can become very efficacious and powerful. If all the Chinese, […]

What is the Difference between Sterling Silver and 98-99.9% Pure Silver?

Aside from gold, Silver is one of those precious metals highly valued by humans. Silver is also a highly desirable material for making pieces of jewelry of various types and designs. In its pure state, silver is a soft and lustrous white transition metal. It is generally measured per-mile basis, and for this reason, you […]

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

Sometimes shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift can seem time-consuming, but jewelry is always the answer to a romantic gift of love. From new beginnings to endless love, you’ll get inspiration and find the right jewelry gift from our 2018 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift ideas. 1.Think about what brings you two together Think about what […]

Why Silver Jewelry Gains Popularity?

It’s one of the brightest of all the metals available for jewelry-making; silver jewelry is well-known for their bright and shiny look. Many of jewelry users opt for silver items since they are affordable and at the same time, it really has a great visual especially when you’re looking at a finished product. Value Silver […]

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