3 Holiday Proposal Tips from The Yes Girls

Most people propose to their loved ones during events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthdays among others. When holidays are around the corner, so many engagement announcements are made. However, there’s something so loving and passionate about proposing over the holidays, that’s why if you think about popping up the question to her, here are some […]

Tips for Layering Necklaces

Clothing alone does not match a strange and advanced look. Good appearance is escalated by the layering of necklaces sneakily. While there may be a significant need to throw on comfy jersey especially during crunchy fall mornings, skillful layering of necklaces improves the look of any individual outside these clothing. The layering of necklaces and […]

Solution: My Silver Ring Turns and Spins on My Finger

What causes the spinning of the rings? It’s crystal clear that nearly all silver rings don’t sit precisely. The main reason pertaining this is their weighty design. A good number of the rings possess large models that are mainly made up of Gemstones along with Diamonds reminiscent of Heads, Prongs alongside stones. That is why […]

What is Costume Jewelry?

Current costume jewelry comprises a wide range of resources. From high-end crystals to cubic zirconia to simulated diamonds, and some semi-precious stones are used to imitate precious stones. The metals consist of gold or silver-plated brass and at times sterling silver or vermeil. Costume Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry Costume and fashion jewelry are same but different regarding […]

Silver Jewelry Outfit Code for A Job Interview

You’re about to graduate which means; you are getting ready to start your new career and preparing for interviews one after the other.  For female graduates, it is important to practice how you answer questions, at the same time, prepare and train yourself to look professional while also showing a bit of your personality remarkably. The […]

What is Fine Fashion Jewelry?

What’s the main difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry? It’s all about materials used to make them. Fine jewelry is a product of precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver then decorated with pearls, diamonds, and some high-quality gemstones. On the other hand, fashion jewelry is not made using precious metals, natural pearls or gems, or diamonds. If you […]

How To Choose The Right Silver Ring to Suit Your Hand?

Different silver rings look perfect on different finger types. Everyone can find the most flattering ring for his or her unique finger shape and size, whether it’s long, short, wide or slender. Choosing an a silver ring that matches your finger is like picking out a dress that suits your figure. There are different dresses which fit […]

Necklace Length and Style Guide for Body Shape

It is always a daunting task to choose the right necklace that matches your body shape, height and face shape. However, many stores offer extensive guide to necklace lengths and style guide for body shape as well as how they complement any look. Choosing the right necklace style and length When buying a necklace, factors […]

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