Design Philosophy

Our design and product development philosophy

-Beauty more than the eyes can see
With our silver jewelry, we aim to explore and share the process of mindfulness, dedication and perseverance that is incorporated in every item we produce. We would like to transmit these ideas to whoever will be wearing our jewelry as a reminder of conscientiousness during their everyday activities. We believe that jewelry created in this way does more than just ”look good”, it also ”does good” and gives back to the whole community, as the sales help preserve and keep alive the traditional arts and crafts of the Karen hill tribe people.

-Co-creation creates synergy and fosters relationships in a community
Some of our jewelry pieces is the work of more than 3 families in the village. This is the way to continue the tradition and pride of each family. Each silversmith family specializes in making different kinds of beads and components. We combine what one is best at and create synergy through design.

-Long-lasting and convertible design
We design the product with sustainability in mind. One of the ways to reduce waste is by making a product that the user cherishes for a long time and can be used on multiple occasions.

-Material truth and authentic techniques
We create contemporary design while still showcasing the true beauty of silver material through matte surfaces and textures without any plating, applying traditional techniques such as cat fur scratch – a texturing technique using stone to create a thin line texture, chiseling effects using a sharp hammer, traditional ‘pod duang’ stamping, the pattern that was used to stamp old coins. Each beads were handmade from silver sheets, cut, rolled, welded to form the final shape, and then threaded using cotton cords like in the old days. We also explored new techniques using simple materials that could be found within the village. For example, pressing the silver sheet with a fire tree seed pod to create a slate-like texture or pouring molten silver onto burnt bamboo to create a crocodile skin texture.

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