Take a breathe, deep, let the moment unfold,

Feel each bead, a tale to be told.

Silver and stone in a bracelet so fine,

Each story, a beauty, uniquely divine.

Close your eyes, let your spirit see,

The true beauty in each memory.

Thanks to our blind friends, we shall find,

Life’s beauty through experiences, intertwined.

Gratitude to our blind friends, who graciously guide us to touch the beauty of life through experiences and memories, revealing how we should assign meaning to the things that surround us.

True beauty shines bright in one’s mind.

This pull-string bracelet, co-developed by the Thailand Association of the Blind, is not only easy to wear and adjust but also worry-free since it is secure and not easy to lose. Each silver bead is meticulously crafted with mindfulness and perseverance by the Karen silver smiths of Phra Bat Haui Tom community, a hill tribe village and also the sole vegetarian-only settlement in Thailand.

May this bracelet be a wellspring of encouragement, prompting mindfulness in every moment. Just return to a single breath, and find solace in the simplicity of the present.

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