Layer Jewelry: How Not to Overdo?

Everyone that loves jewelry will always try to mix and match their accessories with different dresses to augment their beauty. As you know, trying out various earrings, rings, bracelet with your favorite outfit may create an outstanding adorable look. However, whoever came up with this layering idea must have gotten tired of wearing single jewelry, took every piece of accessories they had, put them on and looked amazing. That’s precisely why everyone is doing it now. But then, how best can layering jewelry be done? Let’s look further into how not to overdo it.

Layering Jewelry

Layering isn’t a passing or seasonal idea; this is a fashion development which will continue thriving and remain popular today, tomorrow and in the future. Nowadays people are crafting customized individual styles through jewelry layering. In fact, most people often face the challenge of making a choice when pairing these items correctly.

Layering Necklaces

Throwing just any necklace or old stuff on to your body doesn’t make sense. It is essential to learn how the layering of necklaces work because luck doesn’t work when it comes to fashion. Considering the various types of metals you have as well as the lengths and your shape; there is some deal-breaking factors to consider before you start to layer necklaces:

  1. If you want a customized look, it is achieved by integrating a handmade necklace with various tiny charm necklaces with a longer hanging chain. If you want, you can personalize the layering with a name necklace, special date or initial charm. The pendant can also be used to with a color that brightens up the look.
  2. A collar effect can be created to make a clothing style. For instance, when you have a denim jacket and button up shirt, layer the chunky necklaces with one relaxed on top of the other. However, there is no much room for fragility in this look, that’s why you should try not to be overexcited but cling to the theme.
  3. To achieve a graduated effect, use a mild, short necklace then integrate it with the slightly heavy and longer necklaces. A good instance is when you take a quick, delicate diamond necklace with a rather long, but small pendant necklace finished with a heavy and longer medallion type of necklace thus giving a soft, elegant look a little more edge.

If you are in doubt or think you are not looking great. Simply leave out any accessory you feel doesn’t look right, but you can put it on at another time. However, it is not a must to use every single piece in your jewelry collection. With all these basics, you can dress your best and look good. Keep it simple and but elegant when it comes to jewelry and fashion. Layering is a trending fashion you cannot miss to shine with.

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