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Choosing Correct Necklace Length

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Layer Jewelry: How Not to Overdo?

Everyone that loves jewelry will always try to mix and match their accessories with different dresses to augment their beauty. As you know, trying out various earrings, rings, bracelet with your favorite outfit may create an outstanding adorable look. However, whoever came up with this layering idea must have gotten tired of wearing single jewelry, took […]

Choosing the Right Pendant Length for Your Neckline

Matching your clothing with your necklaces speaks a lot. Most often than not, collars come in millions of beautiful brands thus it makes it hard to identify the right one for your neckline. Other factors must be put in place before determining which necklace fits your neckline. These may include but not limited to different necklace spans, types of chains for […]

Tips for Layering Necklaces

Clothing alone does not match a strange and advanced look. Good appearance is escalated by the layering of necklaces sneakily. While there may be a significant need to throw on comfy jersey especially during crunchy fall mornings, skillful layering of necklaces improves the look of any individual outside these clothing. The layering of necklaces and […]

Necklace Length and Style Guide for Body Shape

It is always a daunting task to choose the right necklace that matches your body shape, height and face shape. However, many stores offer extensive guide to necklace lengths and style guide for body shape as well as how they complement any look. Choosing the right necklace style and length When buying a necklace, factors […]

How to Clean Silver Necklace with Toothpaste?

The awesomeness of sterling silver or hill tribe 98-99% pure silver necklaces fades away with time as more tarnish builds up. It starts by changing to a yellowish color first then to black. Silver jewelry tarnish happens when the copper makes part of the silver and oxygen reacts. Why should you spend lots of effort […]

How to select the most suitable necklace length and style for your outfit?

Necklace Style and Outfit Color: If you are wearing white, black, or neutral colors outfit, you can play with colorful necklaces or go with neutral color necklace such as silver or white on black. For the colorful outfit, you should recall the color wheel when matching outfit and necklace, primary colors and secondary colors that […]

Creative Ways to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Most of us would simply store necklaces in small jewelry boxes, where they tend to get all tangled up and it’s always a hassle to untangle them. This article will help you to store necklaces creatively using common things in the house. Plastic Straws Gather clear plastic straws and cut them in the half. Place […]

2 Simple Ways to Pack Necklaces?

Necklaces are one of the most difficult jewelry types to store and pack because they easily get tangled. To help jewelry owners with such issue, here are some tips on how to pack necklaces: Use plastic bags for storing necklaces Using Zip-locked plastic bags is the most lightweight, space saving and convenient way to neatly […]

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